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Discover a deep sense of belonging
and open to the fullness of life

Have you been struggling to integrate your realisations and insights into your everyday relationships?

As a result do you find yourself . . .

  • Struggling to hold and maintain healthy boundaries, or even know what one is!
  • Repeating unhealthy dynamics with your partner, friends, or co-workers
  • Experiencing a continual sense of ‘something missing’ and a deep longing for more
  • Feeling stuck or blocked in your life and not knowing how to transform
  • Often in conflict with people who don’t share your perspective
  • Still struggling to form meaningful relationships despite all your realisations and progress

The Authentic Living approach is a potent blend of ancient meditative inquiry and cutting-edge relational practices that can deliver profound realisations as well as deep and lasting transformation.

3 ways to explore the Authentic Living approach . . .

1. Live Events

Join with other like-hearted souls and explore the Authentic Living practices together.

2. One to One Coaching

Benefit from laser-sharp one to one coaching with our founder, Jim Eaton.

3. Private Training for your team

Enhance communication and improve your teams performance with our private training