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Anger as a Doorway to Strength & Vitality

By May 25, 2018February 5th, 2020Video Blog, Watch

In many of my recent workshops and retreats I’ve notice a huge amount of anger coming up for many. Rather than suppressing that energy, or being possessed by it, when we can really meet it, we start to reclaim our strength and vitality. This video is about that beautiful rediscovery . . .


  • Matthew Eatwell says:

    Love this James. Anger is not always welcome, especially in the ‘spiritual marketplace’. It’s an important thing to address. If the spiritual life is not about empowerment, showing up, being seen in all your glory, becoming an authority unto you, then why bother?

    Fantastic week in Spain. Thank you.

    Matt xx

  • Vikky says:

    What a wonderful retreat! Again I was amazed at how much I got out of still getting out of it! Thank you so much James xx

  • Alexey says:

    James, great video.
    But i think you need to put more stress on that it is a signal and motivation to stand up and confront the boundary violation. But when doing so that anger energy need to be channeled in a healthy way. In a way returning the agression back to where it came from. But being mindful that it may have been inadvertent violation. As Hellinger puts it ‘restore the balance by being destructive in return, but just a little bit less than someone was destructive to you’ — if i state it right. So the reaction should be well calibrated to be smaller to dampen the destructive cycle, not exacerbate it further.

    • james eaton says:

      Hi Alexey. Thanks for your comment. I agree that the energy comes as a movement to “stand up and confront the boundary violation”. My experience has been that, when we come from being, rather than the separate ‘me’ and its fear-based reactivity, our response is naturally optimised to meet the specific situation; sometimes it may be very sharp and direct, and other times it may be softer. In short: it’s the sensitivity of being that leads, rather than a mind strategy. This may be what you are saying too! Hope all is well my friend. James

  • Karen says:

    Your video is very welcome James, particularly as one is in a very angry place at the moment. I feel it’s all about allowing and giving myself permission to let this anger go through me. But I find it manifests in all sorts of subtle ways and then it’s not recognisable as anger! Love Karen

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