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Blown Apart

By March 4, 2014April 23rd, 2020Articles, Read

When everything around us falls apart, when the things we thought were safe and secure and never had to doubt are pulled like a rug from under our feet, when all our well laid plans are totally obliterated, we find ourself longing for some kind of security in this chaotic vortex of existence.

What a gift, what an absolute wonder to recognise right there, in the eye of the storm, the only true security there ever really is—the very fact of our being.

Whether we suffer a bereavement, the break up of a relationship, the loss of a job or the shock of a health scare, however tragic the circumstances, however intense the feelings, our being is never shaken, just as the waves crashing on the surface of a fathomless ocean cannot disturb the calmness of its depths—that silence, that stillness is imperturbable.

This is not to deny what’s happening, on the contrary. In recognising our indestructibility, the pain, the fear, the sorrow and despair can all be deeply met, greeted as another unique expression of our infinite creativity.

Can there even be a newfound sense of freedom as our latest world view is blown apart?