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Am I exclusively a separate subject, moving through an independently existing world of  objects and other subjects?

When we look afresh, with child-like innocence, we can experience ourself in an entirely new way.



Is Self-realisation the ‘end goal’ or the beginning of a beautiful process of unravelling?

When we deeply listen to the body and mind, we can begin to acknowledge the self-beliefs, body tensions and coping mechanisms that still persist, allowing them to gently unfold and so unlock the energy and creativity bound therein.

Models of


Does scientific materialism – that it’s ‘particles all the way down’ – really bear true to our actual experience?

First we explore the process of conceptualising, before going beyond all models completely – the ultimate reset. Then, taking our total experience into account, we put together a new model of reality that includes the powerful discoveries of science, whilst freeing us from its limitations, serving to both inspire and empower.