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Dear Parents Everywhere, I Salute You

By July 22, 2014April 22nd, 2020Articles, Read

It’s 1 am and the kids are screaming. Maybe it’s teething again, or the fear of the dark; maybe a bad dream, or simply over excitement. But whatever it is, this is another night of broken sleep to add to the weeks, months, years of mounting sleep deprivation. And then there’s the incessant cooking, cleaning, washing, feeding, soothing, supporting, entertaining, distracting, boundary setting, boundary enforcing . . .

As you stand there, calming and rocking, you feel like you want to cry. But beneath those tears is a smile as wide as the universe, for the inconceivable joy, the fathomless depths of feeling, the heart bursting love that these wondrous little beings inspire; for being taught the true meaning of patience, of sacrifice, of devotion; for appreciating how every challenging moment of this rich dimension of the human experience is a magical gift, wrought in the fires of love.

It’s 3:30 am and all is calm . . . for now. As your little gurus lie tucked up in their beds, dear parents everywhere, I salute you!