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Describing Discomfort

By February 18, 2017April 24th, 2017Transcripts, Read

Transcript from a meeting with James Eaton on 18 February, 2017

Q: I’m sitting here to experience the extraordinary uncomfortableness of sitting here.

James: Yes. Great. See if you can describe it as it happens. Really get precise.

Q: There’s a change in my mouth, in my saliva, there’s tightening in my chest, in my breath, my heart is doing strange things, my belly’s doing strange things, my eyes feel tight.

James: Just let it all do whatever it needs to do. Here you are.

(silent connecting)

Q: There is a sense of wanting to weep. And everything changing and moving, and constricting, and heat, and clamminess. A lot of stuff coming up. And it’s all getting louder.

James: Yes. It wants to be heard. Let it get really loud. Let it happen. Let it do what it wants to do.

Q: It feels like some kind of melting, dissolving – hot, sweaty disintegration.

James: Yes. Great. Here you are. This openness. No agenda. Allowing it to be. Listening, acknowledging.

(long silence)

Q: It’s the sensation of powerlessness. All the things that I thought I wanted to say, it’s all powerlessness.

(body shaking)


I feel about 500 years old, and about 5 seconds old!

James: Yes. Now there’s just this beautiful, tender, innocent openness.

Q: Thank you

James: Thank you.

It’s quite incredible, speaking from my own experience, to see just how many clumped up areas there are in the body that somehow where never noticed before, and the new sensitivity that opens up to enable us to really acknowledge that. And as those areas start to release, then more and more of what’s being held mentally is released too. More and more opening, more and more openness; and less and less of this ‘me’ push. And that doesn’t mean we become passive spiritual pushovers! It can be quite the opposite actually. There can be a new spontaneity or actually standing up for oneself in a new way, not being pushed around anymore, not being taken for granted anymore; you can be empowered to truly respect yourself as an individual.