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Innocent Eyes

By August 20, 2014April 22nd, 2020Articles, Read

What a magical gift young children are! You’re off for a walk with your little companion when suddenly you feel their tiny hand hold you back; you’ve been stopped mid-pavement, and with all your adult sophistication you wonder why? There’s nothing to see here.

But oh how wrong you are, for in your discarded ‘nothing’ your little friend lends you their innocent eyes to reveal an infinite world of delight: a stream of ants teeming from a crack in the paving stone, a tiny rug of soft green moss, an explosion of grass reaching for the light, the spiral of an empty snail shell, a decaying leaf with its intricate network of veins, an assortment of minute bugs roaming the scene.

As you stare transfixed with wonder at this micro universe at play, suddenly you feel a gentle tug on your hand again. Obviously it’s time to move on to some other scene of awe. You obey your new master gladly and feel the excitement, the exhilaration of having no clue about what could possibly happen next!