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Life Purpose

By August 22, 2014April 22nd, 2020Articles, Read

Many of us are plagued by the pressure to find our ‘life purpose’. Maybe we’ve tried different careers, hobbies, interests but none of them seemed to be ‘the one’; or maybe we’ve been waiting for some flash of inspiration, some sudden revelation of what it is we’re ‘supposed’ to be doing, but nothing has come and we’re left feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Instead of looking for our life purpose in some job description or other, what if we look in a very different direction, and explore that very feeling of frustration and unfulfillment itself—that edgy, nervy agitation; that tense, restless unease—and simply wonder: what is it that we are that is aware of these feelings, that shines unchanging whilst the world performs its colourful dance, that remains unparted from every feature of that wondrous display?

When we look from that ‘placeless place’, then every vibration of sound, every tingle of sensation, every beat of the heart is already our life purpose effortlessly playing out.

In moving beyond the projections of thought, in being released from the continual self-judgements, criticisms and recriminations, and recognising the sheer miracle of what we already are, the uniqueness of our character is free to truly shine, and we’re drawn very naturally to wherever we find our joy.