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Molten Lava

By March 6, 2015April 22nd, 2020Articles, Read

When our deepest beliefs, the ones we thought were rock solid and sacrosanct, are fundamentally shaken and crumble to dust, when our heart erupts and a molten lava flow of feelings begin to burn, how astonishing, that in the midst of these fiery energies—in no longer finding interest in the stories of fear, anger, hate or blame that try to take hold—there is nothing but gratitude and wonder for the immutable joy that is our very essence!

What is this crazy madness?! How can there possibly be joy in such ‘pain’?!

Because of the felt realisation that, even in these wild extremes, our being is never diminished, charred or even touched; that truly we lack nothing, need nothing; that what we deeply are is always already utterly complete.

We are like an invisible painter, and on our palette we lay and mix not only colours, but sounds, sensations, thoughts, feelings, smells and tastes too, painting this ever-fresh, living composition called ‘now’. And we don’t just witness our magical creation. We are the very canvas too, holding each appearance in an inseparable embrace, in THIS the ultimate work of love.