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The Hall Of Mirrors

By March 28, 2017May 2nd, 2017Transcripts, Read

Transcript from a meeting with James Eaton on 28 March, 2017

Q: Hi

James: Hi

(long, silent connecting)

Q: So it’s interesting. I feel like I haven’t offered enough content to have access to this space – the connection. It’s like I have to pay a price, of like: “Where’s all my shadow that I’ve gotta bring up here and show everyone?” So this is not ok.

James: Great. Yes. This is ok. You can have it for free.

Q: Oh really! Can I have that tenner back?! (lots of laughter in the room)

Oh, money’s not an issue, really.

There’s the shadow…

James: Yes. It’s great to see that. We’re not allowed. We have to earn it somehow.

(silent connecting)

Yes. It’s amazing. It’s yours. It’s you.

Take it. BE IT.

(silent connecting)

James: What’s coming up?

Q: Bleurgh… (mimics vomiting)

James: Anything in that?

Q: Disgust… Shame…

James: Disgust, shame…

Q: It’s like… it’s just this… yeah… like so disgusting – I am – and that ‘disgusting one’ doesn’t merit it, isn’t worth it…

James: Yes.

(silent connecting)

Q: Ok. Now it’s boring and pointless, and worthless, this, anyway, so fuck it. Might as well just sit down; actually go home.

James: Wow! Beautiful! Just watch it dance! Isn’t it extraordinary?! From that, “disgusting, worthless, don’t deserve to be”, to “oh fuck, this is boring”. Wow, what a genius of disguise! Just in a split second!

And here you are throughout, here you are. Allowing it to do its dance, wear all its disguises – the hall of mirrors.

Here you are…

(long, silent connecting)

Q: Ok. (gets up). I’m not leaving, I’m just going to get a water bottle from the back. (laughter in the room)

James: That will be another ten quid! (laughter)

What we’re doing is getting really familiar, and acquainted with the particular way in which our mind dances. And we all have our own unique set of choreographed moves. And we’re just getting precisely clear on how it operates. Not trying to get rid of it, not trying to change it, absolutely not. Actually the more we can notice it then, in a way, it’s those movements that are the portal in to deepening into ‘this’ – this ‘knowing’, this ‘presence’. So we don’t want to get rid of them, they’re the way in. That’s where all the energy is being held, it’s like a black hole sucking our energy. That’s why the invitation is in. And it’s almost like the polarity can then reverse, and it becomes a source of empowerment rather than this drain on the system. So it’s not about getting rid of anything. Quite the contrary. And yet that’s the game that we play. A continual game of avoiding the discomfort. Round and round and round we go: new diversions, new distractions, temporary relief and back we come again; new avoidance, new cravings, new resistance and back we come again; until we just get sick of it. Enough! Avoidance doesn’t work!

And in finally opening to the discomfort, in no longer running away, then we find this magical ‘place’, that’s not really a place. We say ‘here’ and ‘now’. But it’s not ‘now’ as in a moment in time; it’s not ‘here’ as in a position in space. That’s why it’s indescribable; and yet undeniable. The truth that surpasses all understanding.

And it’s you! It doesn’t belong to someone else. It’s already you. It doesn’t need to be earned. Wow.