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The Myth of ‘Awakening’

By April 6, 2018February 5th, 2020Video Blog, Watch

There’s this persistent belief that when we recognise the wonder of what we truly are, and begin to live from that, then all of the uncomfortable, challenging side of life will miraculously disappear. This video is about busting that myth of awakening . . .


  • Tarik Tekman says:

    Thank you James. Your words are still as fresh and joy bringing as they were the first time I heard you speak.
    Hugging you from a hotel room in Telford ☺

  • Jitindriya says:

    Nice and clear James❤ I like the simplicity of the video,

    and the constant eye contact. I also like the ones where you share your personal experiences. All good! Thank you 🙏🌹❤

  • Jitindriya says:

    PS: Do you think that you could talk sometimes about the various aspects of the longing for awakening? For exemple there can be the desire to end the pain of feeling separate, wanting to escape the world and life ( as you describe here) , all kinds of motivations ranging with achievement , wanting to really connect , to be really alive etc. And then there is the love, the magnetic pull you often talk about…

    I send your videos to a close friend who lives in Canada and they help clarify what we talk about on the phone. Then she gets the teachings from the horse’s mouth, so to speak 😉 ❤

  • Lucie Petrides says:

    Thank you James. And an idea for the next one:
    The Meaning of Marriage

  • Lindy says:

    Great. Thanks James. And a very timely message for me – am finding that happening more and more! x

  • Anne Moore says:

    Another thought provoking video James, will have to practise being more content with what I have and what I HAVE achieved in spite of much pain along the way–

  • Pauline says:

    Thanks James. Always love watching your videos. Makes my heart beat faster with love for you and your message.

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