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Where Is The King’s Road?

By March 7, 2018February 5th, 2020Video Blog, Watch

When I was around 13 or 14 years old I got really into clothes and trying to look ‘cool’. So one day I went on a shopping trip to the King’s Road in London. But I couldn’t find it!

Here’s what happened and how it connects to spiritual seeking…


  • Lucie Petrides says:

    Nice story, feel very relaxed and connected after I heard it. Thank you James. It’s easier for me to respond per email than having to go to Facebook.

  • Anne Moore says:

    Thank you James, listening to this first thing in the morning has given me inner peace to start the day. I have not joined face book so, really appreciate your e mails. Love Anne.

  • Vikky Minette says:

    Simply…..simple! Thank you dear James🙏

  • Lindy says:

    Thank you James. Very helpful. Maybe do something re free will and choice? 🙂

  • John says:

    I’m enjoying your short videos James and appreciate not having to go on Facebook to watch them. As for future subject matter – I have found that sex, work, money and loss of health are all good hooks for the ego. Free will and choice would be good too.

  • Sheila Whittaker says:

    Lovely.. simple and clear.. Thank you James

  • Pauline says:

    Great story, beautifully told. Same happened to me years ago. A lovely feeling of calm came over me at the end. Thank you dear James.

  • Tarik Tekman says:

    Thank you James for this simple and beautiful reminder 🙂

  • Pam phillips says:

    Beautiful! How lovely! ☺Thanks James. Really enjoying and appreciating your videos. Pam x

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