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The Real Fireworks

By April 1, 2016April 22nd, 2020Articles, Read

Dear You

Do You actually realise just how incredibly magnificent You are?
How wonderfully marvellously extraordinarily spectacularly GLORIOUS You really really are?!

For it is You, yes YOU, glittering as this ever-fresh kaleidoscope of experiencing,
shimmering as this rich collage of colours, sounds, tastes, textures and smells,
tingling as this vibrant body of sensation,
giving birth to every particle of life from stars, planets, mountains and oceans,
to the sparkling glint of an eye and the quickening of the heart.

Even dreaming up the pretence that You are but a fraction of Your immensity,
that You are unlovable, not enough, not allowed;
that You must attain or achieve in order to be worthy;
oscillating between self-deprecation and self-inflation.

And joyously dis-covering Your true splendour once again—
that You are love, You are enough, You are allowed,
that You are of infinite importance,
that Your worth is beyond measure,
that nothing is looking, and nothing is being seen,
that it’s all YOU YOU YOU!

Forget ‘spiritual fireworks’;
the miracle of the ‘ordinary’ this-here-now is the real firework display.

But even all that pales into insignificance
compared to Your greatest magic trick of all—
You somehow manage to spontaneously conjure YourSelf into existence,
out of nothing-at-all!

How amazing is that?

You are an absolute genius!!!

With love from You